I assist individuals and companies with tax planification, legal consultation and compliance matters. I also work with e-commerce entrepreneurs, tech companies, blockchain and cryptocurrency startups and businesses in general.



  • Consulting: on legal aspects regarding the utilization of blockchain technology in business operations.
  • Company formation: LLC formation, bank and merchant account opening. Assistance in selection of third-party service providers and contracts review.
  • Internal procedures: compliance regarding the implementation of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) screening and reporting.
  • Compliance: for operating safely in different jurisdictions and jurisdiction shopping.
  • Issuance of Tokens: audit of the token legal structure, audit of the white paper and other public materials for compliance. Drafting legal documents required for the sale of tokens. Legal opinion letter and token’s compliance with applicable law based on a review of the token model and ICO related documents.
  • Merchants: implementation of crypto acceptance as payment for merchants.
  • Taxation: assistance for taxation issues in relation to cryptocurrencies



  • Cryptocurrencies and family law: divorces and inheritance consulting and planification.
  • Cryptocurrencies and taxation: confection of a tailored tax plan in order to reduce the amounts to be paid without suffering negative legal consequences.



  • Privacy planification: tailored legal and technical privacy planning to mitigate attacks from governments and other threats.
  • Asset management assistance: in order to avoid material and legal privacy gaps that could compromise either physical or economic security.
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