I assist individuals and companies with tax planification, legal consultation and compliance matters. I help startups that use or are planning to use blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payment methods and I specialize in fintech companies and IT businesses.



  • Consulting: on legal aspects regarding use of cryptocurrencies, blockchain or digital payment methods in business operations.
  • Company formation: assistance to create legal entities and subsequent bank account opening.
  • Contracts: assistance to select third-party service providers and contracts draft and review for the commercial agreement. Draft and revision of terms and conditions.
  • Compliance: general compliance but specially oriented towards anti money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations. Procurement of permits and government authorizations.  
  • Jurisdiction shopping: strategy development in order to achieve optimization in order to operate legally and tax efficiently in different jurisdictions.
  • Taxes: development of an integral business strategy in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
  •  Merchants: implementation of crypto acceptance as payment for merchants.



  • Cryptocurrencies and family law: divorces and inheritance consulting and planification.
  • Cryptocurrencies and taxation: confection of a tailored tax plan to reduce the amounts to be paid without suffering negative legal consequences.



  • Privacy planification: tailored legal and technical privacy planning to mitigate attacks from governments and other threats.
  • Asset management assistance: to avoid material and legal privacy gaps that could compromise either physical or economic security.
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