Proyecto de temario de curso “Bitcoin & Blockchain 2020”

.Introducción: Introducción a Bitcoin, Blockchain y smartcontracts. Cuáles son sus usos. Importancia del enfoque holístico para el estudio de estos fenómenos multidisciplinarios. .Origen del Bitcoin: importancia del estudio histórico para comprensión del presente. Antecedentes pre-históricos, históricos, técnicos, políticos y filosóficos de Bitcoin. .Aspectos económicos de Bitcoin: Orígenes del capital. Preferencia temporal. Orígenes del dinero. Evolución del dinero hasta […]

The importance of Bitcoin Pizza Day

On May 2010 Bitcoin was an incipient network formed by nerds, geeks, computer sciences hobbyists and techie libertarians. At the moment the mining was done on home computers or notebooks using the CPU to convert electricity into a worthless digital novelty collectible toy that could only be used to play around with. Users were mining […]

Introducción a Bitcoin & Blockchain

En junio de 2019 compilé varios textos utilizados para una charla introductoria a Bitcoin (flyer de la misma debajo)En este artículo están ordenados y detallados los links del material usado y de lectura recomendada para cualquiera que esté iniciándose en Bitcoin o quiera profundizar principalmente en su aspecto económico y social. “El Patrón Bitcoin” (libro completo […]

Bitcoin´s 10th anniversary

10 years of uninterrupted service achieving totally uncensorable transactions. 120 months working as an escape for governmental inflationary fiat money and their ridiculously monetary control. 521 weeks allowing cheap and secure transborder payments without the need to provide data to third parties. 3653 days without relevant bugs, without one single invalid transaction approved, without reversions […]

ABCore review, Bitcoin full node for Android.

In this review I´ll comment my experience using ABCore for two weeks on a Pixel 3XL that was also used as my main phone for everyday use. Summary: excellent and extremely friendly easy to use software. CONS While synching it depletes your phone resources (but it´s only temporary). Since it´s prunned it can´t help to […]

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